The new Qualified Storage Manager (QSM) certification program provides you with the skills and savvy you need to successfully operate a self-storage business in today’s competitive market. Our comprehensive 12-course curriculum covers critical aspects of day-to-day facility management. For complete program details, visit the Program Overview page.

Please note: You may purchase courses as a package (best value) or individually. The option to take the test for QSM certification will only be available to you if you purchase the complete Certification Package or eventually buy all 12 courses. If you buy courses a la carte, you will not be able to take the test until all 12 courses have been purchased.

Qualified Storage Manager: The Complete Curriculum

Certification Package

Individual Courses

Sales-Skills Course
Rental-Agreement Course
Revenue-Management Course
Legal-Challenges Course
Strategic-Marketing Course
Facility-Maintenance Course
Online-Marketing Course
Customer-Service Course
Community-Marketing Course
Technology-Skills Course
Lien-Sales Course
Insurance Course

Take all of your classes from the comfort of your own computer and on your own schedule. There’s no traveling involved, and the flexibility of the program allows you to purchase courses as time and money allow. But if you’re ready to commit to the certification package, there are savings to be had! You can still take the classes where and when you choose—they will always be ready and waiting for you in your SSTI account.

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